AFAIK, the Harlequins could field an Avatar of the Laughing God in 2nd ed. 4th ed fluff is silent on this subject, saying merely that he (to paraphrase) "emerges from the webway at random to play his deadly tricks." This suggests that he is able to manifest in physical form. And since he is a singular entity, not shattered into pieces like Khaine, his avatar has to be at least as strong as Khaine's, even though the Laughing God probably wouldn't hold a candle to Khaine if Khaine was whole.

I ask because I want to include an Avatar in my list, but I don't really want to pay 100 bucks for the sort of ugly forge world one, and I'm not too keen on the short, squat pewter version either. In browsing the online store, I came across this Inquisitor eldar ranger, and thought: whoa, Harlequin!

He has the trenchcoat and the wicked curving sword... All he needs is a scratchbuilt laughing comedy type mask, like so:

...and some very bright colors, and he's a giant Harlequin. What do you guys think? I know it's partly a modeling question, but I stuck it in general discussion because I'm concerned about fluff, too.