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Thread: how are the rules compared to warmaster?

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    how are the rules compared to warmaster?

    I have been wanting to make a warmaster army and play with vast armies for quite some time, the only issue is the money. then i saw that Batlle for the five armies, it is all much more afordeble that warmaster, as a bonus it is Tolkien and better minis. So is it possible to make point matches etc. all infor regarding this compeard to WM would be helpfull.

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    Re: how are the rules compared to warmaster?

    It is possible to play normal points match games.

    The rules system is pretty much identical to Warmaster.

    BoFA is great fun, I'd heartily reccommend it. The main downside is the difficulty in finding opponents, but given that you get both sides in the box it shouldn't be too hard to persuade a friend to play for free!
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