I'm online and bored, so here's some random photos I emailed to my gmail account from my cell phone. If you're on my email list you've already seen them.

The first couple are from our stop in India, there was a snake charmer dude next to Pizza Hut. Naturally, all the sane people in our group backed away a few steps while trusty Wazz ran up and asked to wear one of them. Yes, they have fangs, still. I saw them quite clearly when the Indian guy smacked his snake in the face. I was mildly intoxicated during this ordeal.

The third shot is of my immediate supervisor out God-only-knows-where. I find this picture to be funny mainly because he has absolutely no memory of that night, or where he was.

The fourth shot is from the Philippinnes, me and a friend stopped at a restaurant for some drinks. We saw a guy drinking out of a coconut and decided that "rum & coconut" as opposed to "rum and Coke" was just a hilariously funny thing to try. Yeah, we were drunk.

The last one is just a random stupid picture I took of myself while we were cleaning out the ship's lower magazines, a job that doesn't appear to have been done since the Reagan administration. The dust was thicker than hell so we started using rags to filter some of it out. Naturally, I ended up dressed as the superhero I named "Alternative Lifestyle Ninja". *does kung fu* This time, I was completely sober. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse.

There were some others in there as well that I decided not to post. There are kids here, after all Enjoy.