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    A few LOTR questions answered...

    Some of the most asked questions here pertain to the content of the various books and their formats. Let me explain what the differences are in content.

    The Mines of Moria boxed set.
    This is the basic start set. In addition to the figures and all the stuff, there is the rule book. This rule book is a handy A5 format, that fits easily into a back pocket when you go off to a tournament.

    The Hard Cover book.
    This is a large format Hard cover rule book. It is good for hitting your opponent around the head with when he claims that Boromir has 6 attacks.

    What is the difference between the two rule books?
    There are a few differences between the two books, apart from size and wieldability.
    * Both the books contain all the game rules. The books are exactly the same in this respect, right down to the page numbers.
    * The Hard cover book includes 4 scenarios, lots of hobby material. The "Mines" book doesn't.
    * The "Mines" book does not include a few of the profiles for the heroes. These are included in the Hard cover book.
    * The Army of the Dead is not included in the Hard Cover book. They are included in the "Mines" book. They are also available as a download from GW.
    * The "Mines" book has the figures sorted as "Good" and "Evil". The Hard Cover book lists things in general regions. This is to aid the construction of themed armies.

    The list of the figures lacking from the "Mines" book, but are in the Hardcover book is such (this is a bit shakey, and has to be checked):
    Radaghast the Brown
    Dain Ironfoot
    Elladan and Elrohir
    Dwarf Khazad Guard
    Barrow Wights
    Wild Warg chieftain
    Wild Warg
    Hobbits (not characters)

    Does that clear up a few things? It better!

    What with Legions of Middle Earth?

    Legions is a book that presents army listings for the whole range of LOTR.
    * It lists heroes and warriors per region, with a points cost and equipment options.
    * It lists which regions, or army lists, can ally with each other.
    * It presents lots of varied scenarios.
    * In Legions, there are no profiles. Only points costs.

    In Legions, there are listings and points for many figures that are not released. These will be released in due course. They are listed to provide completeness and full figure listings. They also provide a taste for things to come, and to look forward to.

    Profiles for figures listed in Legions can be found either in the Journey Books, or the Sourcebooks, in addition to the basic rule books.

    What's a Journey Book?
    Journey books are collections of scenarios and hobby tips based on the three LOTR books/films. They provide the chance to play narrative adventures, and try to kill Merry or Pippin with an Oliphant. There are a few extra profiles in the Journey Books.

    And Sourcebooks?
    Sourcebooks are just that. They take a specific area and look at the armies from that area. As from the "Fall of Arnor" book, they have started including all the rules for the figures in the army lists that they contain, irrespective is they are printed a dozen other places. The earlier sourcebooks, e.g. "Shadows in the East" contain neither lists, or profiles for everything that they name.

    Where is my "Army of the Dead"?

    Here they are! Note that this PDF only includes the King of the Dead, and the Warriors of the Dead. Riders of the Dead are not included in this, and can be found inthe Gondor in Flames book.

    GW Official FAQs.
    These can be found here.
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    So there!

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