Winged Nazgul: Witch King
Ringwraith: Dark Martial

4 Companies of Orc Warriors with Shields

3 Companies Morannon Orcs with Shields

2 Companies Black Numenorians (allies)

3 Companies Morgul Knights (allies)

Allies: 225 points
Common Companies: 2 (or 4)
Rare Companies: 2 (or 0)

Total: 1,000 points

Quick question: does the dark martial make Black Numenorians and Morgul Knights common when he's taken from the Mordor list, or do you have to take him from the fallen kingdoms list (counting towards the ally limit here) in order to gain that benefit? Doesn't make a difference for this particular list, I'm just curious.

Anyway, battle plan is to form up a battle line with the Martial in the numenorians, flanked by the orc formations, so he can lend his fight value wherever it's needed, and has other formations to jump into if the Numenorians start taking casualties. The Morgul Knights try to set up a flank charge in support of the battle line.

The witch king deploys behind the battle line to force it forward on the first turn, then moves out to either flank with the following priorities: 1) Kill cavalry that might flank the battle line or disrupt my own cavalry, 2) Kill archers, 3) get behind the enemy battle line for disruption and rear charges. He has a combination of might, epic challenges, decent magic, and respectable combat stats to pull off whichever of these missions the enemy's army most calls for.

The army is, of course, rather small at the moment, Thanks mostly to trying to fit the witch king on fell beast in. I suppose it could (and probably should) be swapped for a troll, another epic hero, and more companies & command for the assorted infantry formations. But no, I'll be keeping him in. Just too cool. I'm more open to suggestion on other elements of the army.