So I've got the models fromt the box and a couple others I've bought afterwards. I'd like to expand my collection to have a couple of 500pts forces and I'd like some opinions.

Osgiliath themed gondor force:
Faramir with bow 75
Damrod 50
Captain of Minas Tirith, Heavy armour and shield 55
8 warriors of Minas tirith with shields 64
8 warriors of Minas tirith with spears and shield 72
1 warrior of Minas Tirith with banner 32
6 knights of Minas Tirith 78
10 rangers of gondor 70
total 496

Mordor force:
Witch king with Morgul blade 150
Orc captain with shield 45
4 Orcs with two-handed weapons20
4 Orcs with bows 24
8 Orcs with spears 48
8 Orcs with shield 48
3 Orc trackers 15
Mordor Troll 90
5 warg riders with throwing spears and bows 60
Total 500

High Elven force:
Glorfindel on Asfaloth 140
Elladan & Elrohir with bows and Elven cloaks 170
6 High Elves with elven blades 60
6 High elves with bows 66
6 High Elves with spear and shield 66
Total 502

So what do you think? I'd like some feedback on composition, game viability, fun and improvement suggestions.