Hi guys... I havent been here in a while. I have been playing warmaster since the release but I stopped a little while ago due to lack of gamers... I have 3000pts+ of dwarves and have played them quite extensively.
Now alot of warmaster gamers have popped up all of a sudden and I recently came into posession of a chaos army and I thought that I would try and give it a go!

I was wondering if anyone had any general advice on army construction?

The main plans I had for the army were a few units of warriors backed up by maruders some knights running armound and some harpies to cause trouble... but after that im a little lost...

As for the characters I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for something to jazz up my sorcerer model? For my general I plan to use the mounted chaos lord from the character blister pack and have him mounted on theDragon masters Dragon from warhammer. It will be quite big but I think it will look awesome having this giant dragon flying around the battle field, I am also concidering a conversion of the Beastlord with two axes and making him into a large demon prince.

Any other interesting conversion ideas would be great too!

I hope you people can help me out!