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Thread: Dicky does: Night Goblins

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    Re: Dicky does: Night Goblins

    OOOoh yea, this is gonna be great

    Already loving it.

    Just a quick remark,

    If your lord has a toughness of 4, and only an armour save of 5+ with 3 wounds,..

    It will be dead in turn 2 !
    You might want to arm him with the big best boss' at ( if thats what its called ) to give you a 5+ ward save as well. Increases your chances of survival alot..
    An effigy of mork ( -1 to hit ) might work as well, I would replace the kickin boots with the effigy.

    But thats just me.. So do what you want
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    and what you all want, a RAGNARAK MOTHER****ERS
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    Christ on a motorbike its like you've demolished all the work!

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