No one in my gaming group is really playing a CC gang, and I thought that I could be the first (Altough not totaly CC oriented).

It will be made by the theme of a Chaos Cult, giving me tons of conversion options and such. But at this moment, converting doesn't matter.
I need some help with the Gang.

First of all it's a Unknown Warrior's gang. With theese skills:

Fundamental: Muscle
Major: Agility
Minor: Shooting
Peripheral: Stealth

Ok, some of you might say that stealth would be fitting for a Chaos Cult. Them having to be sneaky not to get caught. Well, I find Stealth to be an almost to good skill tree. And this gang is also meant to represent the brunt force of the cult. When you go to war, you don't always have to be sneaky.

On to the list:

Leader with Sword, Maul and Bolt Pistol: 160
Heavy with Flamer and Maul: 110
Ganger with Maul, Shotgun and Man-Stoppers: 85
Ganger with Sword, Shotgun and Man-Stoppers: 85
Ganger with Maul, Shotgun and Man-Stoppers: 85
Ganger with Sword and Autogun: 80
Ganger with Sword and Maul: 70
Ganger with 2 Swords: 70
Ganger with Maul and Autopistol: 75
Juve with Massive Flail: 40
Juve with Maul and Autopistol: 50
Juve with 2 Mauls: 45
Pit Slave: 10

970 Credits

The plan when advancing is quite simple.
Gangers with Shotguns and Autoguns will take Shooting when they can, and will therefore form my cover shooting.
The Gangers with CC weapons will start with Muscle and then move towards Agility. Juves will concentrate on Agility in the begining and then move towards Muscle.
Leader and Heavy will first go towards Techno and then the Leader will go towards CC skills and the Heavy will probably stay on the Techno train for a while.

If a CC Ganger gets +BS or a shooty Ganger gets +WS before they have had time to choose any of the special skills, then they will simply switch weapons.

Pit Slave is in there because he is dirt cheap and that Rock Drill is one mean weapon. When you get one with Infiltrate, then you'r a happy camper.