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Thread: Wood Elves or Skaven?

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    Wood Elves or Skaven?

    I like passing the ball, but I'm not a big fan of non-Dark Elves. I already play Dark Elves, but I am looking at starting anew offense minded team.

    My wood elf team would start out mainly linemen (which is a lot like my DE team) and the guys are pricey. They would be able to start out passing on day one though.

    My Skaven are cheaper and more varied, which I like. They are mainly a running team. They will be totally different from my DE (which I like).

    Any insight from old pros???


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    Re: Wood Elves or Skaven?

    A Wood Elf team is the 2 Wardancers. I've started my opponent's drive with 6 guys before and ended it with 3. The Wardancer on the field Leaped into a 5 man cage blitzed the ball carrier, snatched up the ball, and ran spent the next three turns leaping and dodging all the way to the opponents Endzone.

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    Re: Wood Elves or Skaven?

    It really depends on what you're using the team for, and the style of play you use? For example, are you planning on using this new team in friendly one off games, a league, or at tournaments? Do you tend to take a lot of risks or a lot of rerolls? Do you develop all players as equally as possible or go for one or two 'superstars'?

    If it's just for friendly one off games or tournaments, I'd say the Wood Elves have the edge. With every player starting on AG4 you're looking at 2+ dodges, quick passes, hand off's and catches with no tackle zones. With the fact that you won't have to replace dead players, you can build a very front loaded strong team knowing that if you lose one or two players along the way it doesn't really matter.

    If it's league games you're going for, I'm currently using Skaven myself. Started with a LOT of linemen and FIVE rerolls, with the long term plan very much what I concentrated on. Start with the basics, and buy in the positionals as you go. Two Gutter Runners is all you need to beat most starting lineups, and we used a running and a passing game very effectively to begin with.

    From a different point of view, look at the differences between the two races, and decide if your playing style favours either. IMHO, there are several pros and cons to each.

    Skaven are cheap as chips, you can usually always afford to replace bodies, and this happens a lot with AV7 (On both teams). I run a 'no injury' policy on my league team, meaning that any permenant stat decreases get retired as long as we have 11 fit players. This means a lineman costing 50K is missed far less than a 70K Elf. Skaven also get mutations, which is great fun both in game sense and from a modelling point of view. Skaven have the numbers, but not the same finnesse.

    Woodies on the other hand have the one man teams known as Wardancers. These guys are phenomenal, and can be real SSP hogs. I usually start with one or none, purely because they can steal all the TD's and SSP's on their own and leave the team with inflated TS and underdeveloped linemen. Try and play without them, then when you do get a few games through and bring one in you'll play a whole lot better! They are just as quick as the rats, just as weakly armoured, but the biggest difference is that extra point of AG, effectively giving you 11 throwers and recievers on the pitch every drive.

    Guess it's down to what you want to use them for, and what your style is? Me, I'm a bad guy at heart, and just love THE CLAW!!!!!

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    Re: Wood Elves or Skaven?

    My heart is with the Skaven.

    It's gotta be the kill-kill!!!

    Thanks for the input

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    Re: Wood Elves or Skaven?

    I play wood elves and if you want to play the beautiful game they are the team for you. As for leagues you just need to avoid bad luck on the injury rolls early on. Dodge out of tackle zones to minimize blocks received and try to get the block/dodge combo as you progress and they become more survivable than people think. Also a note on wardancers. Yes they are the best player in the game but people pay too much attention to them. Its the catchers that win the games, especially when your opponent becomes fixated on stopping the wardancers. You cannot afford to give woodelves any space at all and wardancers are great for drawing players away and creating gaps for your catchers.

    I have less experience with skaven, but obviously they are quick and very dangerous as a result. The lower average agility and lack of skills makes pulling off the extravagant rarer though and they can be a little more prone to injury as dodging out of takle zones isn't as easy as for wood elves. They are both great teams to play and a lot of fun. Also playing skaven you never feel guilty about fouling or going for dirty one turn TD's, its the skaven way after all.

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    Re: Wood Elves or Skaven?

    Go with skaven, it will be a totally new experience.

    Elves rely on dodging out of tackle zones on 2's, whereas Skaven are prepared to leave players in tackle zones just to tie your opponent up.

    Despite their differences, all Elves play a similar style of game.

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    Re: Wood Elves or Skaven?

    Personally i'd go with Skaven, fast and overwelming just how i like it!

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