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Thread: Renegades Project Log: The Lost & the Dumb

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    Renegades Project Log: The Lost & the Dumb

    *Edit for 2017*
    Okay, so I was pretty pissed about photobucket killing all the image hosting links, so I decided to do something about it. Mainly, I downloaded all the pics from their site, uploaded them to google, and then went back through this thread and fixed each link. There still might be a couple things missing here and there, but this is my community, my forum and my damned Lost & the Damned project log and I'll fight for it. I've got a lot of new stuff in the works I'll be posting in the days to come. For now, enjoy the old stuff and thanks for looking.

    *Edit for 2010-2011*

    After reading a bunch of Gaunt's Ghosts novels and the three Siege of Vraks books, I've decided to take a fresh start with a new chaos renegades army. You can skim through the first part of this log to see how the old chaos renegades faired, but honestly I wasn't too happy with them.

    Now that I've got a couple more years of modeling under my belt, I'm approaching this with a fresh angle. The new plan is a bit more ambitious in that I'll be designing some chaos-specific vehicles like those used by the Blood Pact and Infardi. Jump to page 8 to see the new stuff.

    Here is a summary of the first 8 pages of old projects. I ask that you avoid posting comments about the old stuff because it's mega-old, unless you have a modeling-related query, which is of course fine.

    Page 1: Renegade Aquilla Lander (never finished- don't ask), Some Lost & the Damned / Vraks Militia Wannabes, cardboard malcador

    Page 2: Cardboard Warhound Titan, painted malcador

    Page 3: First militia squad painted (waaay over-photoshopped, sorry), chaos space marines, scratch-built predator

    Page 4: Heavy weapons teams, Streeeeetch Malcador Gag

    Page 5: Khorned-Up Rhino, Homemade Plague Marines, Start of Malcador #2

    Page 6: Malcador #2

    Page 7: Valdor Tank Hunter, Vindicator-in-a-Day

    Page 8: Painted Vindicator, and new 2010 stuff

    (end disclaimer)

    (resume old post)

    I have a few Warhammer 40K project ideas, based mostly around constructing a "chaos renegades" and "lost and the damned" army from scratch. My friend suggested I start a project log here so that I can share some of these ideas and receive constructive feedback along the way. Here we go!


    I'm fairly new to Warhammer 40K, but I was definitely inspired by the new Forgeworld chaos renegades to construct an army in the same vein. The FW models are out of my price range, but I believe it will be more enjoyable to make my own anyway.

    The Renegade Aquilla Lander

    I felt that a salvaged Aquilla Lander would make a great center-piece for my traitor force as a transport for the commander and his lackeys.

    As it happens, one of my first investments was the Battle for Macragge boxed set-- This set is a great buy because I noticed that the terrain that comes in the set is actually bitz from the Forgeworld Aquilla Lander. After some thought, I decided that the pieces could be used to rebuild the ship, so I grabbed the clippers and went to work.

    Cutting the bitz out of the terrain mold was rough and slow-going because the plastic is so thick in places. I eventually switched to a hefty pair of pruning shears which saved a lot of time. Each of the ship's 'feathers' were cut out individually as well.

    Once I had all the pieces, it was clear that I only had the top half of the ship to work with! The next step has been to start working off of photographs of the original Lander. I've started adding pieces of plasticard to complete the hull. Here are the pics:

    I believe the cockpit interior is the next big obstacle for this project, as I need to make believable controls, as well as an appropriate 'renegade' pilot. Sorry it's not much to look at yet.
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