After my suggestion of the idea, there was quite a lot of interest in a To4G for creating a Blood Bowl team. In addition to myself the possible participants so far are:
  • Lardidar
  • th0r
  • PhrolikK
  • Jedi152
  • LordSnotball
  • Arkzein? (depending on his schedule)
  • Harry
  • Fredox

Though it is not too late to join in if you want to!

The rules
The suggested budget is £25 for July and £15 for August (spent in any manner you see fit), and the deadline is September 1st, but we're not writing a WD article here, so you're free to overspend or miss deadlines if you want to.

The Blood Bowl team you end up with must satisfy starting team requirements in accordance with the Living Rulebook 5.0, any leftover cash can be spent on extra players or models to represent coaches/cheerleaders etc.

That's all I can think of for now, I hope to see lots of coolness over the next two months!

Yorkiebar's budget for July:
Allowance: £25
  • Naggaroth Nightmares (3rd ed 14-man Dark Elf team) - £19.01

Total: £19.01
Remainder for August: £5.99

I've just paid for the Nightmares on eBay, currently waiting for them to be posted so no pics yet .