So, my Local GW store has gotten a frenzy of Blood Bowl going on lately, and I'm thinking I might like to join in. Being that I've got colors and everything set up for a Bretonnian Army I'm doing for WHFB, I'm thinking I may just do them for Blood Bowl as well. I'm not entirely sure which team to use, however.

I'm currently considering Humans, or High Elves. I'm thinking Linemen as peasants, and pretty much everyone else as Squires or Knights. The elves have the same armor as the humans, but their Catcher is S3, as opposed to S2 (that's not a Typo, is it?). And they're more Agile, leading to more 'skilled' players. Kinda knightly.

The Humans do have the advantage of being able to have an Ogre (which doesn't fit thematically, so Imagine an overgrown Bretonnian in full armor, as opposed to Blood Bowl armor), but have the weakling of a catcher. Also, 4 Blitzers, so more opportunities for Knights to lay the smack down.

Anyone have any suggestions as to other teams, ideas, etc?