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Thread: The great cunondrem i faced

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    The great cunondrem i faced

    I am up tonight thinking, for a brief period of time i was known as a "mosher" and i do hate that term becuase it classifiys a diversity of people, most of witch i hate (for example mini-moshers who think pink makes u look cool) but i have always thought there were big differences between said "moshers/goths/emo's etc" and "chavs/wannabes/pikeys/townies/trevs etc" but as ive matured into my late 50's (im not kidding i feel like a 50year old even though i should be a horney teenage boy) i have come to realise there are only 2 minute differences that cause so mutch trouble, music and cloths

    Now i was told when i hung round with the most annoying of people that all "chavs" dress alike listen to the same music and insult/beat up people just because they are differnt etc

    now my best friend is a chav and most his mates are mini moshers and moshers and i know many more people who are cool chavs to talk to and i know many goths and moshers and ESPECIALLY minimoshers who insult and beat up all chavs and normal people, for not dressing like them and listening to there music,

    but heres what really gets me

    chavs say all moshers dress alike (im using theese two terms to genralize) chavs are right

    moshers say all chavs dress alike ( not all but most) theese moshers are right

    chavs say moshers just hang round causing trouble, there right (remember most not all)
    and visa versa

    this comes up for so many topics, and I do here this from alot of chavs and moshers, mostley the ones who are obsessed with there image, but i here it alot from almost all moshers muttering under there breath

    what annoys me is that i feel im the only person who sees this Chav-Vs-Moshers thing this way.

    wow i feel better,
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