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Thread: Portent Member Search and Rescue Thread

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    Portent Member Search and Rescue Thread

    Hey, Im sure all of us are wondering where some people are. As many of us frequent other forums or keep in contact, I thought we should start a thread looking for ex members that really should be back, and no one has heard from. Ill start with some guys I remember that ought to be somehow informed of the return.

    If you have anyone you think has yet to find the site, since many people dont use irc, post their names here. If someone sees them, the idea is that they will pass along information to them. Ill update the list with new names and delete the ones of people that have been found.

    Brusilov- We need the fluff god.
    Major Jacka
    Tsavong Lah
    Puffin magician.
    666 Rabit bunny (or something similair)
    Guardsman- Marneus
    Inquisitor Mikarovic
    Lord Balor
    Lord of ???
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