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    The tale of Tsao Ling part 1

    Two points before I start, firstly there are WIP rules to back this unit up, secondly I plan to expand each "chapter" so its a story in its own right but that'll take some time so heres a shortenned version

    Cathay, Year Unknown

    Tsao Ling sat down and began to clear his mind, utter blackness lay before him and he smiled to himself.
    Through the darkness came a noise, it started a low whine and quickly built up to a roar as golden vapor filled the darkness, in the eye of his mind Tsao Ling stood up.
    The vapor swirled around him as the words arrived in his head,
    Tsao Ling
    "Who are you?"
    I am your god
    "The dragon?"
    It is one of my many forms, come, this is what may be
    The mists dissipated and in his mind Tsao was standing back in the very temple his body meditated in, the altar was in flames and the sacred texts had been ripped from the walls, the doors had been torn down as if by magic, slowly Tsao stepped outside.
    A scene of horror met him, the city was in flames, he felt the magical energies in the air and saw a large winged creature akin to a vulture flying overhead spouting magical flames, he looked up at the palace and began to walk.
    As in the temple the doors of the palace had been torn down and the Emperor stood before a great armour clad warrior, the warriors body was twisting and writhing and Tsao knew it was not a real body, merely the facade for something far more sinister.
    As he took this in the warrior-shape drew his sword and in one fluid movement decapitated the Emperor.
    The image faded, darkness reigned once more.
    "No," said Tsao "No,"
    The westerners arriving on our shores have brought with them more than guns and clothes, they have brought minions of one of the great four, they will do this
    "Can it be prevented?"
    Yes, you must travel West and destroy the source of these cults, you must destroy all the minions of the changer of ways, use any means necessary, kill any and all who stand in your way
    Tsao awoke and summoned a handful of his best men, "pack your things, we're going West," and far off, on the edge of his hearing Tsao swore he heard laughter

    Tilea 2520

    Andreas Contarini looked out from his window to the port. The sea was lashed with huge waves and he doubted even Antonio would be stupid enough to try to come to port. He closed his curtains and returned to filling out some forms.
    Several minutes later a clerk came in and started pointing madly out to sea "Sir! Antonio is trying to come back in!"
    Idiot! Andreas had warned him about these storms and had told him specifically to dock further down the coast if one occurred.
    He pushed the clerk aside and proceeded down to the docks.
    It took sixteen months to get a ship to Cathay and back and now it was going to be dashed on the rocks! As Andreas stood on the waters edge looked at the boat he realized something was wrong, he couldn't quite be shore from this distance but the rigging appeared to have been slashed and there was noone at the helm. The ship drifted closer.
    After several minutes Andreas began to swear under his breath, the ship was closer now and the slashed rigging was apparent.
    As the ship slid slowly into port the gangplank thudded down in front of Andreas, he started at it for a moment and stepped on board.
    The bodies of the crew lay spread out over the deck, their weapons drawn but bloodless, whoever had killed them must have been an extremely skilled warrior.
    Andreas ventured down into the hold and did a little dance of joy as he saw the cargo was untouched, for all his stupidity Antonio had not been a bad man but he had been expecting a large tithe of the profits...
    The bodies splashed into the turbulent ocean and Andreas smiled grimly "Bye-bye Antonio," he said "See you in hell!" and from their vantage point on the shore the silent watchers stood, they didn't move for several seconds then turned briskly and set off down the network of alleyways.
    They never did find out how the ship got to port unharmed...

    Wissenland, 2522

    Baron Luftritter surveyed the battlefield, the Tileans were slowly falling back, he smiled to himself and listened to the sounds of battle.
    The Empire army vastly outnumbered the Tileans and had better weaponry, the Tileans were still holding on bravely but were being slowly cut down man by man.
    The Baron stood with his eyes closed, even if the Tileans somehow managed to break through the Empire lines and attempt to charge him they would have his greatswords to contend with. The battle seemed to be going well until the Baron heard cries of alarm from the left flank, he opened his eyes to search for the source of the trouble and say a large group of spearmen falling back.He frowned and called to the leader of a large group of knights...

    Captain Hans Gellman turned to his knights "The Baron says there's a disturbance on the left flank, you know the drill, charge in and cut down anything that moves", the knights nodded, they began to spur their horses onwards, the flank opened up and there and standing in a great circle of bodies, their swords slick with blood was a small group of monks, Hans smiled grimly, these old men looked like no challenge, he ordered his men to begin the charge...

    Karl Mietkopf stood upon a hill looking through his telescope, as the Barons head engineer his job was to pick targets for the artillery but so far none had presented themselves.He heard a thunder of hooves from the left flank and looked over to a sight he would never forget, as the knights charged in the monks just stood still, staring placidly at the knights, then the leader suddenly lept into the air and sliced the head riders lance clean in two and his foot impacted with the riders head, sending him flying from his horse, as the monk landed the rest of his men charged.It was a massacre. the knights had not stopped charging and yet were trying to halt their horses and turn back, this did not go well and many fell off and were promptly cut down, when it was over the monks returned to the circle of corpses and sheathed their swords...

    Hans stood up, all his knights were dead and the monks had returned to their original positions, dazed and confused from the blow to the head he looked at their leader, the leader looked back at him and extended a finger.
    Even in his confused state he realized what was happening, the monk was challenging him!
    He stepped forward and drew his sword, the monk bowed and then gave him a strange little smile, he faltered for a second, why was the man smiling? He never got his answer, Hans never even registered the sword leaving its sheath...

    From his vantage point the Baron could see he was defeated, his army was in tatters and the monks just stood there, a cheer arose from the Tilean lines... the Baron considered his options for a few seconds then ordered a retreat

    Tilean Camp, Wissenland, 2522

    Marco D'acino woke from a troubled sleep and tried to get his bearings. He had been dreaming peacefully of his family back in Tilea when the dream had been interrupted by a faint whispering in the background, it grew louder and louder until it seemed to be smothering him and he had woken with a start, his head was full of thoughts of murder, death and deceit, he drew open the door to his tent and stepped out into the night.

    Nico was sitting guard and was about to drift off to sleep when he noticed Marco stumble out into the night, he stood up and walked towards him as the whispers started to reach his mind.Kill him the voice struck him with the force of a sledgehammer and before he knew what he was doing he had drawn his sword and started stumbling towards Marco.

    See, I told you, he means to kill you "Shut up!!" bellowed Marco "Get out of my head!!!!", he swung his sword blindly and smiled when he felt it thump into soft flesh, he vision was obscured by a red mist but the voices continued.
    Traitors all around, they don't care about you, they just want your share of the profits
    As Nico fell limp to the ground Marco stared down at what he had done, the voices were right, Nicos sword was drawn, Traitor!
    Marco started to wander back towards the tents, the shouts had awoken some of the men and they ran towards him, the monk, the monk was the answer, the voices had said so and so Marco hacked and slashed through his comrades and set off towards Tsaos tent.

    Tsao had been meditating when the dragon spoke again
    They come for you
    i]You did not think you could really trust the westerners?[/i] the dragon laughed , it was a deep booming sound and Tsao started to feel uneasy
    Dispose of them, they got you this far, they are needed no longer
    Tsao drew his sword and stepped outside

    Marco staggered towards Tsaos tent, there! the old man was standing in front of his tent, sword drawn Kill Him said the voice Kill him and all will become right again.
    And so Marco charged at Tsao screaming defiance to the sky, the voices and the very earth, Tsao swung his sword and Marco collapsed in a heap.
    The mist was gone now, so were the voices, Marco looked up at the monk and tried to speak, a grunt escaped his lips and he lay still.

    The men who had woken stared in shock, Marco was a skilled swordsman and he had managed to cut down almost half on them on the way to Tsao, they looked towards the monk to see he and his men had already gone.

    To Be Continued

    Any comments/ideas/thrown vegatbles?
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