I wrote this a few days ago and felt that more then the GW community boards had newly warped Chaos followers.

I for sure hope that this simple guide/tactica/how to, will help a lot of aspiring champions of Chaos on their way to daemonhood.

Of course, all you other veteran players can offer your advice on the Hordes of Chaos as well.

And I beg you, please, don't make this topic locked by trolling or flaming. And please, stay on subject.

Oh well, here we go!

Of course, I wish for other chaos generals to answer questions that may be asked in this thread as well.

And, if you have anything to say about the tactics and ways of Chaos, feel free to tell.

And here it is.

Welcome to the wastes of Chaos fellow champion, sit down here by the fire and let me tell you about the true force of Chaos, listen well my friend, and may thy path lead to daemon hood.

It is always fun with new players, I'll give you a walkthrough on as much stuff as I can.

First of all, let us have a look at the five different powers, their pros and their cons.

We begin with the oldest one, Chaos Undivided:

Chaos undivided comes for free on all units and characters that can have a mark, it gives you the ability to reroll failed psychology tests, meaning that the Helmet of Many Eyes combined with a Greatweapon is the ideal equipment for an Exalted Champion of Chaos Undivided.

The lores you get access to when having this mark on your sorcerers (or when taking the book of secrets) are Fire, Shadow and Death.

Fire is the most destructive of the three, it is in general, one of the most destructive lores around.

Shadow, this lore can be great if you wants that extra movement and still keep a few decent magic missiles up your sleeve. The Pit of Shadows can kill quite a few models if you are a good enough roller with your dice.

Death, well... what can I say, death is death. The Death Lore is best used in conjunction with Tzeentch magic due to the chance of getting Doom and Darkness, which, if combined with Violet Fire, can sapp even a Blood Dragon lord into the warp.

The army composition of Chaos Undivided:

If the character that is the general has the mark of Chaos Undivided, then you can have any mix of Mortal, Beast and Daemonic Champions (mind you, they may not have higher Ld then him) with any mix of marks. But you must have a unit with the same mark as a differently marked character. For instance, if you have a Champion of Nurgle in your army, then you must have a unit with the Mark of Nurgle.

You can have any mark on any markable unit as well, though remember, a character with the Mark of Chaos Undivided may only join other units with the mark of Chaos Undivided, or units with no mark at all.

There, that was Chaos Undivided.

Now, let us head for the Lord of Change and his mind boggling games.

The Tzeentchian mark:

Often considered the weakest mark because of the psychology loss on the units. A unit marked with Tzeentch looses its ability to reroll failed psychology tests, all they do is to generate a Power Dice… unless they are fleeing.
However, it is one of the cheaper marks of Chaos when it comes to marking units, you only pay 20 pts for an additional Power Dice.

The mark given to characters however, it can only be taken by Lords, Daemon Princes, Exalted Daemons, Exalted Champions and Aspiring champion.
The reason for this is that the mark turns the character into a lvl 4/2 wizard depending on whether he is a hero or Lord.
This mark is the most expensive mark to put on a character though, but it benefits them hugely.

The play style of Tzeentch is to go Multiple Small Units, MSU, due to the fact that you almost have to go Character heavy and have as many Power Dice as possible.
The favoured item combo for a Lord riding either a Disc or a Dragon is the Golden Eye of Tzeentch, the Staff of Change, a Greatweapon and a shield.

Tzeentchian characters are often the hardest to choose equipment for, due to the fact that they can be kitted out to be Fighters, Sorcerers or something in between. But if given a Greatweapon and a Spell familiar, an Exalted Champion has the chance of getting Orange Fire, turning him into a beast of Close Combat. A Beastlord with the Goretooth and a Greatweapon has the ability to turn into a true beast of Chaos, unleashing both the Goretooth and Orange Fire upon himself.

The Tzeentchian Lore is one of the most random lores out there, but fear not, with the sheer amount of spells that can be cast, you are almost certain that one of them will be extremely strong.
The different colloured fires have their different uses, Red Fire, a magic missile with the potential of 6 strength 6 hits on a distance of 30 inches is just sweet.
Green fire is the perfect spell to cast on a unit with Greatweapons or a realy big block of weaker units, trust me, it is fun to see that group of Swordsmasters hack themselves to pieces.
The one making horrors are excellent against low toughness opponents and Blue Fire, the perfect magic missile, the potential of 12 strength 7 hits is just cruel.
And Purple Fire can be used to warp away that pesky hero on the opposing side, watch out for Goblin and Ork Shamans though, since they might have Shiny Baubles, I once saw Archaon cast Violet Fire, the Ork reflected it back on him and he failed his Ld test.

Anyway, the true power of the Tzeentchian lore lies in the sheer amount of Magic that you can push through, 1 Red fire does not hurt a unit, but 4 each turn does.

The Tzeentchian army mostly is built around Chariots and small units with the Mark of Tzeentch with a few big blocks of Marauders to back them up.

But we must not forget the Tzeentch Daemons, Horrors accompanied by Flamers can make an excellent flank guard, no Fast cavalry will last long if they walk within 30” of those Horrors.

A group of 16 Horrors with 4 Flamers cost 340 pts, but they cast bound spells at Power Level 8, gets 3 ranks in close combat and have Shooting support. This is excellent to put down on one flank if you can spare the points, it also grants you more magic so that the opponent will be even harder pressed.

Screamers are excellent as well and can be used in a plethora of ways.

They are pretty good at getting to war machines, it is just to fly over units, slashing them while heading for those pesky cannons.

You can also use them to harry an enemy block unit, land on its flank, then fly to the other one and use the Slashing attack, then repeat. remember though, always land on the flank or in the rear of the unit, thus avoiding getting charged.

You can use them to fly over a corner of a unit and slash at that hiding Wizard.

And, since the Knights of Tzeentch have one big weakness, psychology, panic in particular, use Screamers to screen the knights, 2 wounds each and skirmishing! And then, the turn before you carge, fly the screamers over your intended target and cause some Slashing kills, making it easyer for the Knights to break the enemy.

We have now dealt with the games and schemes of Tzeentch, now, let us move on to the power of Khorne.

The Khornate mark do not let you play all that tactical, though the way of Khorne can be pretty damn hard without tactics.

It renders your heroes and your units immune to psychology, but makes them frenzied. The additional dispell dice is nice as well.
The mark costs about the same price as Nurgle, but it gives you a lot more hitting power in close combat.

A lord of Khorne is a force of Nature by himself, slap him in with some chosen knights and you have a tsunami of bloodshed.

Khorne despises magic, you can take sorcerers, but you cannot mark them Khorne, nor is it considered fluffy.

The most favoured units of Khorne players in general are Chosen Warriors of Khorne with either Additional Handweapon, Hallberds or Greatweapons. Of course, you could give them all three options.
And we must not forget the Chosen Knights of Khorne, the Crém de la Crém of bloodthirsty killing machines. 3 Strength 5 ws 5 attacks each, combined with those of the horses can wipe a unit from the face of the table top.

Well… there is actualy not much more to say about Khorne, their daemons are, like their warriors, killing machines.