With "what do I need for AI?"-threads popping up every few days, I thought it would be helpful to post some guidelines for beginners at last. For much more help ask in a seperate thread or have a look at the Airspace forum.

First of all, you need of course the rule book. It's quite costly with 35, but it gives you everything you need to play - except for the models. I made a list of "what to buy" for a medium starter force. They are all around 150-170 points, which gives you enough choice for smaller games and a suitable force for medium games; you also don't have to spend more than 50 - which is the same price as a Battleforce.

  • 4 Thunderbolts
  • 2 Lightnings
  • 1 Marauder Bomber
  • 1 Marauder Destroyer
150 points / 58

  • 4 Nightwings
  • 2 Phoenix
172 points / 36

  • 6 Barracuda
  • 2 Tigershark
148 points / 44

  • 6 Fightas
  • 4 Fighta Bommers
148 points / 54

  • 6 Hell Blades
  • 4 Hell Talons
168 points / 48

Maybe a few comments about that. Listed are only the numbers of models; most of them usually come in packs of 2 (except for the Hell Blade, which comes in packs of 3), and the Marauders are sold in packs of 1. You can also see, that Eldar and Chaos are the most "cost effective" races, where the Imperium is quite expensive. I did not include Space Marines, as I see them in a supporting role for the Imperial Navy, so they should be considered after a few games and a bit of experience, not as a start. Last but not least, all the point costs refer to the "naked" models; you usually have the option for so called additional weapon load, that increases the point costs - so it is easily possible to push each of the forces above over 200 points and more.

I hope this helps people who consider to start AI. For those with a book and maybe even game experience: input is appreciated, I strongly encourage everybody to get envolved.

Greets, Darnok