Hey guys. A long time ago I saw this one video a guy put together. I remember being fairly long and I think, but I'm not sure, that it was on youtube. I word searched on youtube but couldnt' find it again.

Basically, its this guy talking showing his really old school Fantasy Orcs (from like two or three editions ago. Not sure,not an expert on when which minis were out). Then after a long while, the camera starts to show his battle against a friend. At one point, he got really unlucky and rolled something low or missed something. He gotta kinda mad and threw the dice. Not sure if it was "acting for the camera to be silly" or actual frustration caught on tape...but whatever. Do you guys know what video I'm talking about? If so, can you link it for me or give me a clue as to what it was called so I can search for it again?