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I think it's just another lame retcon. The Khaine/Slaanesh dichotomy was central to their story/character, and now we're getting some weird Warcraft Old God rip-offs which are in turn rip-offs of Cthulhu.
Well, the whole Khaine business is relatively new itself (it all started in 4th edition).
Before that khaine was just a roleplay god of assassin, and the dark elves, when armies used to have alignements, could either be evil or chaotic.
I do think a pantheon of evil elven gods cant hurt, but i may be a bit partial: i love evil, hate the chaos gods and cant stand mutation (indeed i find the "chaos=mutant" thing the worst idea in warhammer...and i dont mind Elric, go figure!). As a result i am constantly looking for evil beings to dedicate my armies to :skull: