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    Quote Originally Posted by Chainaxe07 View Post
    Well, the whole Khaine business is relatively new itself (it all started in 4th edition).
    Before that khaine was just a roleplay god of assassin, and the dark elves, when armies used to have alignements, could either be evil or chaotic.
    I do think a pantheon of evil elven gods cant hurt, but i may be a bit partial: i love evil, hate the chaos gods and cant stand mutation (indeed i find the "chaos=mutant" thing the worst idea in warhammer...and i dont mind Elric, go figure!). As a result i am constantly looking for evil beings to dedicate my armies to :skull:
    Well, technically Khaine is not a "chaos god"; he's a god of graceful and efficient killing (ie. murder, rather than specifically combat). Their relative monotheism is a defining factor of their civilization; there was a quote where a Druchii was lamenting the fact that Asuryan abandoned them and the frozen land did not seem to be home to their traditional forest/merciful gods. All they had left was their cunning and viciousness, which their entire society was then built upon (hence, Khaine). Then, we got this weird "Dark Mother" in Malus' books, and now we're getting a full-blown pantheon. I could at least attribute the Dark Mother to being Morai-Heg, but where are the rest of these dudes coming from? Elves are very conservative when it comes to religion, they don't just worship any nature spirit they can find like humans are wont to do.
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