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Thread: Arhalien's fantasy log of strangely unexplained phenomena

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    Arhalien's fantasy log of strangely unexplained phenomena

    UPDATE 2/07/14 This log is now alive again: most recent painting (Bretonnians) starts on page 29

    How about that for a title!

    Right, this log will be the site for just about any project I'll do in the future, and will run in tandem with my Eldar log until that's finished.
    The first 2 items on the agenda will be my ToP Wood Elf army, and repainting my High Elves.
    edit: And a Tzeentch mortals army starting page 23
    I've gotn a lot of pictures so this will be a multi-post update.

    Firstly, Wood Elf Highborn (I'll post a final list later)

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