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    Dr Death's Empire and Eldar (and more besides)

    Hello and welcome to the home of my endless quest to get something resembling an orthodox army completed. The two E's in question are Empire and Eldar (Ulthwe specifically), two starting armies that i purchased back in January and have been assembling ever since. Said E's notwithstanding though, you should also get some wonderful pictures of swathes of bare metal and plastic Lord of the Rings figures so "stay tuned" is all i can say.

    A bit of background may be in order for both my army choices. The Empire were the only army i ever truly fell in love with. Said love being love enough to paint them long enough to assemble any kind of reasonable army. That army now being very dated as far as my relative skill goes and best left buried, i thought the release of the new armybook a good chance to shake up my enthusiasm again and give the entire 'collect an army' thing a second go. To this end i decided to splurge out on an Empire army, and just because i'm an utterly 'oooh shiney'ist and couldnt resist went for the whole hog and bought an Eldar army too.

    In addition to some soldiers of the empire sprues, the limited edition army standard bearer, a cannon and the contents of the 6th edition boxed game which i purchased to get a shiney new copy of outdated rules (as well as a shiney copy of the updated rules thanks to the offer GW ran last year) i bought the following from a wonderful discount retailer to kick start my empire army-

    I've since bought a couple of boxes of wizards with an eye to replicate those shown in 'Blood on the Reik' so they should make an appearence

    The Eldar purchase consisted of the following-
    Forgeworld Avatar
    EoT Seer Council (and another warlock)
    32 Guardians
    5 Rangers
    6 Jetbikes
    2 Vypers
    3 War Walkers
    1 Falcon

    One of the reasons i chose both these armies was that they would require minimum conversion work to make them look the way i wanted. Conversion work i've always found to be a distraction when trying to construct an army and so i wanted to avoid it for the purposes of this project. Unfourtunately that plan rather went out the window with the Empire when i decided that those which i had used the old style slash and puff arms on looked far cooler than those without and so embarked on sculpting said clothing on every model in my army. Time will tell whether this will work out...

    So there you have a very brief introduction to this project, more pictures will soon be forthcoming. As the old phrase goes "Hold on to your hats; you're in for a bumpy ride..."

    Dr Death
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