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    Rise of the Tau

    Hi this is another story that I got from an author. I have his permission. And so it begins.

    EDIT: Readers, you may notice that when there's psychic communication and whatnot, at the beginning it's mostly italicized like it is on BL Publishing forums, but as I get lazier and lazier a lot of the time I have not bothered with it . Obviously, this wouldn't happen if they didn't have weird ways of representing bbcodes there. As in, if you click italicize while you're writing a post up it just italicizes it instead of doing the (i)(/i) thing.
    So basically, just keep this in mind while you're reading as sometimes the 'voice' that speaks to Codian won't be italicized, and nor will any other types of mind communication sometimes.
    EDIT: I notice that I may have sounded like I was trying to hoard attention in some of my earlier posts and in a way I was, but that phase has passed and now the story is just awesome without my assholeness .

    Author - Revenant
    Original forum - Black Library Forums/Bl Publishing Forums
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    The Emperor's Finest, I didn't write this beautiful fan-fic but it's definitely intriguing and you really should read it.
    Rise of the Tau, another story from the same author, far-fetched on purpose and not even finished yet, this epic (and by epic, I mean EPIC) is in my opinion the best that I have read.
    The Crosshair, The Destroyer and For the Greater Good two shorts once again from the same author.

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