I know it is but what I am truly asking is, is it probable to have an entire FW army? I wonder this because we all know FW greatly, GREATLY over charge on what they sell and it seems that unless you are a FANATICAL IG player and/or someone with deep pockets and deep wallets you cant do a FW army, of all things .

Damn, why did FW have to do the Death Korps of Krieg, why cant GW do any cool armies and leave the Vostroyans, Elysians, and the Steel Legion to FW, I think GW should concentrate on the Mordians, the Tallarn, the Valhallans, the Cadians, the DK of Krieg, and Catachans. Yall wanna know why, because that is where we get all of our stuff!

Anyway, enough ranting, I just want to know if anyone thinks that a "FW" army can be done or not.

Thanks for the discussion.

PS. Next to the tallarn, valhallans, vostroyans, and catachans, the DK of Krieg have the most soldier influence on their :cheese: and fluff. I dont like them the most of the group but, out of all of those, the DK of K have the most flavor peeps, Germans with beach-head equipment and vehicles, damn, how ironic... germans getting slaughtered on the beaches by enemy gunners whilst having beach bunkers as signature terrain