Alright people...

Just of late I've been hunting around for a centerpiece for my 3000 point Guard army for Apocalypse and was planning on a single superheavy Forgeworld Tank.

Hunting through Forgeworld I fell in love with the Stormblade and thought I was set until I realised it was effectively a Long Range titan killer. Now thats all well and good except my Guard are an urban force...
So the Stormblade was out unfortunately...

Which I thought narrowed my choices right down to the Baneblade. But then I set my eyes upon the Stormsword.
"The Stormsword super heavy tank is built specifically for sieges and street fighting. Whilst the Shadowsword exels at long range and the Baneblade is an 'all rounder' equally at home in the open fields or in street fighting, the Stormsword lends its weight and firepower to troops at close quarters."


But now I have a few questions on this beast.
1. What is the main gun it's armed with? I'm not asking for stats or anything, just what it actually is. I'm guessing a Quake cannon but I'm probably wrong.
2. How hard was the model to clean up?
3. Can I get some pics people?

Thanks all