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I attended the LA Gamesday this weekend. I normally pride myself on digging through thepuckyto try to find out info that not everyone is looking at, even if it means by looking through designer sketch books or cornering the UK guests and asking them a slew of questions.

This year, I was particularly disappointed with the seminar. I know that the 6 month rumor policy is in place, and I'm dealing with that, but this means that the seminars have been drastically reduced.

The 40K, Fantasy and LOTR were all smooshed together into a single 'new product' seminar, and there was no Forgeworld seminar at all (at least not on the schedule; if there was one and I missed it, I'm pissed).

This may be old news to the people who went to the Atlanta GD, by I sure didn't read about this change in formats (it probably went unnoticed in the WAVE of new Tyranid information).

The seminar was exactly 100% the same as the Atlanta one, complete with the Carni sihlouette and the half-finished painting of the BT codex cover. I think the only thing new was a couple of slides of the new Wood Elf models; although I must admit I didn't pay attention to any Fantasy posts from GD Atlanta, so this stuff could have been there too.

As for minis, they had Marneus and his bodyguard for marines. For bugs, they had either the actual mini or the resin masters of the Hive Tyrant, Tyrant Guard, Zoanthrope, Lictor, Genestealers, and Raveners.

The Raveners are nice (you've already seen the pics on Dakka now), but they do seem a little static for my tastes. You don't get the feeling that these things can move *really* quick.

Okay, now for what little I could drag out of Graham McNeil. He was, as all the designers I've met, a very nice fellow. However, what he said to me was very disheartening.

GW has yet to decide on a schedule for how often they will release FAQs (they are currently doing that), but it will not be very often. I mentioned every six months to him, and I got the sense that was WAY too low. In fact, he said that FAQs probably won't be updated except in the case of a major reason, like a new codex changing something really big.

I now fully expect that the Ork FAQ with its incomprehensible use of the word "concealment" for the Kustom Force Field will be around until the FAQ is removed when a new codex finally comes out in a year or two.

Graham was insistent that it was important players not become confused at too many different FAQ versions. He said, what if one person shows up with a FAQ that says one thing, and another player shows up with another FAQ which says something else. I wanted to yell at him: "That's what revision numbers are for!", but it was clear (to me) that talking about FAQs was not something that he enjoys.

He did mention that they were only given a couple of weeks to submit the 4th edition FAQ answers and that it was all very rushed. He was ultimately disappointed with the way the FAQs were handeled but he feels that the rules are clear enough that anyone playing the game can figure it out if they need to.

In addition, there will be no CA annual this year, although he said there will almost certainly be annuals in the future when they have more stuff to put in it. I brought up the fact that the cut-and-paste corrections for the Chaos codex have yet to be printed to which he said that there will NO LONGER BE ANY CUT-AND-PASTE corrections because "it looks pretty ugly doesn't it?"

Another interesting tidbit from Graham was that there doesn't really seem to be a '40K team' and a 'Fantasy team' and a 'LOTR team' anymore. With perhaps a few exceptions, all the designers are now working on all 3 systems, if you hadn't noticed that already.

I also got the distinct impression that the designers are stretched pretty thin, and they certainly don't have someone heading up a 'FAQ' department. The way Graham described how someone came and asked them for their 4th edition FAQ submission gave me the very real impression that the FAQs are not updated unless someone from up above (whatever that is) tells them to do so.

So that's it. There weren't any design artists this year, so I don't have any cool descriptions of potential models like the Carnifex last year or the WH psyker on a cross (which sadly never made it) from the year before that.

Not too impressed with this pooling of design resources for all 3 systems TBH. Prolly fair for GW to be able to shunt additional design staff onto a project but I don't think we'll be seeing each product having a good follow through of ideas from project to project. The saying about "To many cooks.." springs to mind. Sound from YAKFACE's talk to Graham that things are stretched in the design studio this can't be good for the designers or finished product they put out to the buyng public. This concerns me. GW has always prided itself on the 'completeness' of its products this doesn't seem like the way to accomplish this. More like how to support as many game systems as possible with the least staff...