In the rulebook they have suggested how ships are named depending on how, why and where they are built. So I can't possibly think of any other scenario(fluffwise) where an AM ship is built anywhere else than at the forges of Mars. Therefore they are probably named in high gothic(=latin).

Just google for a latin-english dictionary or similar and off you go ^^

I have my ships named after their role and like a family theme. Like my Retribution seems like head of the family or a fatherfigure, so I namned it "Sator Prasentia", witch means something like dominant father(or large manlimb for all I know) ^^

Genetrix is also a nifty sounding name with means something like mother/producer/spawner, and suitably have been alocated to my Mars Class Cruiser(spawning launchbays)

The best thing would be if you have access to a larger type of library, that have latin dictionarys, instead of finding it on the web. After all, it's only up to you to decide what to trust or not from the web.