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Thread: Naming your ships

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    Re: Naming your ships

    Mars Battle Cruiser - Deus Lux
    Lunar Cruiser - Ignis Lunae
    3 x Swords - Harpy, Hellion and Banshee
    4 x Cobras - Wolf 1, Wolf 2, Wolf 3 and Wolf 4
    Savage Orc Army (Oogie Boogie Tribe) ratio in 8th: 20/5/8
    Eldar ratio: 0/0/0
    Blood Angels Ratio: 5/2/5

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    Re: Naming your ships

    Kor'vattra fleet K-42

    Merchant class starship - Serenity (flagship)

    2 Orca gunships - Shuttle 1 and Shuttle 2 (attached to the flagship - it's a Kel'shan configuration Merchant)

    Explorer class starship - Galactica

    Explorer class starship - National Geographic

    Merchant class starship - Tantive IV.

    Merchant class starship - Heart of Gold

    Merchant class starship - Alice Liddell

    Hero class starship - Sulaco

    Hero class starship - Pegasus

    Messenger class starship - Nostromo

    Messenger class starship - Millennium Falcon

    Messenger class starship - Prometheus

    6 Defender class starships - Nightwish Squadron

    6 Defender class starships - Delain Squadron

    3 Orca gunships - Sirenia Squadron

    3 Orca gunships - Imperia Squadron

    2 Orca gunships - Anette Squadron

    2 Orca gunships - Tarja Squadron

    Orbital - Haven

    Orbital - Gateway Station

    Remnants of Kor'O'vesh fleet V-47

    Custodian class carrier - Zelbinion

    Emissary class starship - Charlotte Wessels

    Emissary class starship - Sharon Den Adel

    3 Castellan class heavy escorts - Lacuna Squadron

    4 Warden gunships - Cristina Squadron
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    Proud player of 3.5 edition 40k.

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    Re: Naming your ships

    My Dark Angels fleet:
    Battle barges (names taken from fluff):
    • Angel of Retribution
    • Implacable Justice
    • Invincible Reason (venerable)

    Strike Cruisers (one per company)
    • Indignatio Angelorum
    • Umbra Volatilis
    • Sword of Caliban
    • Luther's Lament
    • Vox Leo
    • Salvation
    • Nemesis
    • Imperious
    • Hammer of Vengeance
    • Thunderflare

    Escort Squadrons (name of squadron + number)
    • Onyx
    • Rubicon
    • Viridium
    • Indigo
    • Halcyon
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    Re: Naming your ships

    I use allot of references from Sci-fi and history.
    this is my "want to end up as" fleet. so is not entirely what I own...yet

    Rogarian Imperial Navy.
    2nd Fleet.

    Admiral Alicia Condetorie Valentyne.

    Kommodore Alexander Ramsay.
    Flagship: Desecrator class battleship: RIN Thunderchild.
    Emperor class Battleship: RIN Armageddon's Edge.
    Vanquisher class Battleship: RIN Virtue of Ages.

    Kommodore Lorenzo De Zappeto.
    Grand Cruisers:-
    Exorcist class Grand cruiser: RIN Gettysburg.
    Vengeance glass Grand cruiser: RIN Tsushima.
    Avenger class Grand cruiser: RIN Austerlitz.
    Avenger class Grand cruiser: RIN Waterloo.
    Retaliator class Grand cruiser: RIN Badajoz.
    Executor class Grand cruiser: RIN Leipzig.

    Kommodore Enrich Doenitz.
    Heavy Cruisers/Battlecruisers:-
    Mars class battlecruiser: RIN Edge of Umbra.
    Mars class battlecruiser: RIN Fair Weather.
    Armageddon class Battlecruiser: RIN Midsummer Nights.
    Armageddon class Battlecruiser: RIN Port Autumn.
    Styx class heavy cruiser: RIN Pillar of Allegiance.
    Overlord class heavy cruiser: RIN Dawn of Night.

    Medium Cruisers.
    Dominator class cruiser: RIN Aegis Fate.
    Dominator class cruiser: RIN Buenos Aires.
    Lunar class cruiser: RIN Constantinople.
    Lunar class cruiser: RIN Dawn Under Heaven.
    Gothic class cruiser: RIN Excellence.
    Gothic class cruiser: RIN Forward Unto Dawn
    Devastation class cruiser: RIN Gorgon.
    Devastation class cruiser: RIN Heracles.
    Murder class cruiser: RIN In Amber Clad.
    Murder class cruiser: RIN Long Time Coming.
    Slaughter class cruiser: RIN Pillar of Autumn.
    Slaughter class cruiser: RIN Say My Name.

    Light Cruisers:-
    Dauntless class light cruiser: RIN Spirit of Fire.
    Dauntless class light cruiser: RIN Stalwart Dawn.
    Dauntless class light cruiser: RIN Two for Flinching.
    Dauntless class light cruiser: RIN Valiant Spark.
    Merchantman class light reserve cruiser: RIN Excelsior.
    Merchantman class light reserve cruiser: RIN Ambassador.

    Escort/Destroyer squadrons
    Red Squadron (2 firestorm, 2 sword, 2 cobra)
    Blue Squadron (2 firestorm, 2 sword, 2 cobra)
    Yellow Squadron (6 swords)
    Magenta Squadron (6 swords)
    Green Squadron (6 Havocs)
    Orange Squadron (6 Havocs)

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    Re: Naming your ships

    Nice thread, makes me want to dust off my small imperial fleet. Sadly, I played BFG so rarely that no ship earn a name.

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    Re: Naming your ships

    Been working on a new Rogue Trader fleet

    "Morrigan" Carnage class cruiser - Family hierloom and flagship of the progenitor of the House

    "Sylph" Rogue Trader Cruiser, Voss Pattern - upgraded with xenotech to increase turn rate

    "Ascension" Rogue Trader Cruiser, Mars Pattern - gifted with augmented void shields, courtesy of a very appreciative Arch Magos some millennia back

    "Saint Olga" Endeavor Lt Cruiser, Gothic Pattern

    "Blessed Servant" Heavy Fuel Tanker

    "Diligence" Heavy Fuel Tanker

    Escort Freighter squadron "Veritas" - 5x freighters

    Escort Carrier squadron "Black Shepherds" - 3x Escort Carriers & 1x Rogue Trader Freighter for resupply.

    Escort Carrier squadron "Phalanx 03-1101" - 5x Escort Carriers (Ad-mech origin) & 1x Rogue Trader Transport ("Righteous Docent")

    Xeno Escort Squadron "Scaric" - 5x Scaric xeno escorts (extra shields)

    Xeno Escort Squadron "Tennach" - 5x Tennach xeno escorts (180* turn radius)

    Xeno Escort Squadron "Vasu'rin" - 5x Vasu'rin xeno escorts (increased speed)

    "Calm Horizons" - Demiurg Stronghold class ship.

    "Silent Blade" - Dark Eldar carrier (former Maiden Worlders turned pirate and mercenary)
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