Well, since I'm soon t have some AM ships I've been wondering what to call them. Ugh, I don't want to call them standard IM ship names. I toyed with greek monsters, or roman gods, but meh, they just don't suit the ad mech. So does anyone have any suggestions? How about titan names? I'd imagine they'd be similar.

How about other ship names?

Currently, my ships are called after all sorts.

Orks: Bizmork, Ork Royul, Slobbaknocka and Fang ov Boneyface (after her captain, the minor celebrity from Xenology)

Basically, word play on famous ships. Hey, this compnay made a character called orkimedes!

DE: Miserati, Czernobog, Lusankya and Katratzi

Two summons from shadowhearts, a stardestroyer prisonship from x-wing: rogue squadron books, and Katratzi, the mysterious prison from Farscape.

So how about you - lets hear your ship names!