Been working on a new Rogue Trader fleet

"Morrigan" Carnage class cruiser - Family hierloom and flagship of the progenitor of the House

"Sylph" Rogue Trader Cruiser, Voss Pattern - upgraded with xenotech to increase turn rate

"Ascension" Rogue Trader Cruiser, Mars Pattern - gifted with augmented void shields, courtesy of a very appreciative Arch Magos some millennia back

"Saint Olga" Endeavor Lt Cruiser, Gothic Pattern

"Blessed Servant" Heavy Fuel Tanker

"Diligence" Heavy Fuel Tanker

Escort Freighter squadron "Veritas" - 5x freighters

Escort Carrier squadron "Black Shepherds" - 3x Escort Carriers & 1x Rogue Trader Freighter for resupply.

Escort Carrier squadron "Phalanx 03-1101" - 5x Escort Carriers (Ad-mech origin) & 1x Rogue Trader Transport ("Righteous Docent")

Xeno Escort Squadron "Scaric" - 5x Scaric xeno escorts (extra shields)

Xeno Escort Squadron "Tennach" - 5x Tennach xeno escorts (180* turn radius)

Xeno Escort Squadron "Vasu'rin" - 5x Vasu'rin xeno escorts (increased speed)

"Calm Horizons" - Demiurg Stronghold class ship.

"Silent Blade" - Dark Eldar carrier (former Maiden Worlders turned pirate and mercenary)