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Thread: Mini Me - Saruman (10mm sculpt)

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    Mini Me - Saruman (10mm sculpt)

    Well decided to swap scales for a while and do some work in 10mm. I had a spare Gandalf for the Battle of Five Armies and decided to convert him into Saruman so I can do an army of Isengard. I used the fellowship Saruman as a reference whilst sculpting.

    Heres the finished result:

    UPDATE: Finished piece after fixing head
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    Re: Mini Me - Saruman (10mm sculpt)

    its amazing that you can sculpt to that level of detail in such a small scale.. I really wanna see your stag when its finished though !

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    Re: Mini Me - Saruman (10mm sculpt)

    How the hell do you do it? All you Green-stuff Masters - make me wanna cry... Nah, good onya, the detail is amazing.
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