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Thread: Toschenko's big & yellow log - Battleworn Imperial Fists

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    Toschenko's big & yellow log - Battleworn Imperial Fists

    EDIT: From now on this thread will be devoted exclusively to my Imperial Fists project - and the new name reflects this change. I've decided that opening a new thread would lead to the loss of all the recipes and painting advices I've been given through the progressing of the log (and the ones I gave, too) - so following Aulbath's advice I'm editing the first post and adding links to all the paintjobs I've finished until now, starting from the latest ones as the tactical squad will get a little revamp with the pigment weathering technique I've been experimenting and with I've finally started to get some good results.
    Fists starts at page 13 IIRC and here I'm reporting the links to complete works, but there are a lot of WIPs and little distractions in the middle. Should you like what you see, please take the time to comment and/or criticize:

    First sternguard veteran

    Rhino for Tactical squad

    Rhino interior

    Scout squad with heavy bolter and count-as sniper rifles

    Multi-Melta attack bike

    AoBR tacticals

    Tactical sergeant

    Tactical demi-squad (first batch of pics)

    Tactical demi-squad (second batch of pics)

    Tactical demi-squad (third batch of pics)


    first of all, I'd like to say hello to everyone

    this is my first thread (although I've been a looong time lurker on this forum) and I decided to begin with a painting log to introduce myself (and my miniatures) to the warseer community...

    I'm a sort of compulsive buyer of GW and non-GW stuff,so I have tons of yet unopened boxes of miniatures awaiting for some brush strokes, and (of course) I wish to use this log to force me painting some of them. I've a blood ravens and a vostroyan army for 40k, a dwarf army for WHFB, three (!) armies for Confrontation, a US Rifle Company for Flames of War, a guard army for Epic:Armageddon, a van Saar gang for Necromunda and a Cygnar army for Warmachine... and none of them are finished (well, actually most of the minias are bare metal...)

    Ok, enough talking: let's see some pics!

    These are the humble beginnings of my dwarf army... (humble because I own nearly 4000 points of the stunties, and this is what is currently painted...)

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