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Thread: Toschenko's big & yellow log - Battleworn Imperial Fists

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    Re: Toschenko's Random Painting Log

    Thanks guys, your kind words make my ego fly perhaps a bit too high

    As for the resurrection of this thread don't worry, you anticipated me by a few days... I'm still in finals period with university so I don't have much time to paint, but I should have an update to come in the short period

    I've laid down a list of what I've still to do: I'll update it with the other games when I'll have some more spare time (as usual in these cases, red means bare metal and green finished):


    The anvil of doom

    5(!) Lord/Thanes

    Thane on Oath Stone

    BSB Thane

    2 Runesmiths

    2 Master engineers

    AoW Slayer

    20 Warriors with GWs

    20 Warriors with HtH weapons/shield (BfSP)

    20 Thunderers (10 metal and 10 BfSP)

    10 Quarrellers

    10 Rangers (the metal ones)

    25 Longbeards (the metal ones)

    4 Bolt thrower with engineers (2 new 2 old)

    1 Cannon (6th)

    1 Grudge thrower (6th)

    1 Grudge thrower (7th)

    20 Trollslayers

    20 Ironbreakers

    10 Miners (metal)

    20 Hammerers

    2 Organ guns (6th)

    1 Flame cannon (6th)

    1 Gyrocopter (6th)

    Space Marines (Imperial Fists)


    Pedro Kantor

    Terminator chaplain

    Terminator captain

    Terminator Librarian

    Librarian with tome

    Command Squad

    10-men Tactical Squad

    10-men Tactical Squad

    5-men Scout squad with bolters/H. Bolter (metal)

    5-men Scout Squad with sniper rifles/missile launcher (metal)

    5-men Sternguard Veteran Squad

    2 Rhinos 1 completed


    10-men Assault squad

    10-men Assault squad

    3 Land speeders (plastic)

    1 Land speeder (metal, 2ed one)

    8 Bikers

    4 Attack bikes 1 completed

    Predator Destructor (old)

    Predator Annihilator (new)

    Whirlwind (old)

    Flames of War

    U.S. rifle company

    Company command

    2 Rifle platoons

    Machine-Gun Platoon

    Weapons Platoon

    Field Artillery Battery

    5 Shermans

    German Armour

    5 Tiger IE

    2 Panzer IV H


    Van Saar gang (1 leader, 1 heavy, 2 juves and 4 gangers)

    For fun minis

    Konrad von carstein

    AoW goblin hero

    AoW dark elf sorceress

    Let's see if I can put some green in that bloody red list!

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