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    The Never Ending Painting Log

    Since I started posting here folk I know (face-to-face) have told me I should start posting pics of my models. Also, I could do with something to encourage me to paint more so here goes...

    Sooo.... Where to begin... Here's a list of stuff I need to paint, sorted by game, with description/approx. points of what needs painted/completed:

    Warhammer 40,000
    Dark Angels (Deathwing 1500, Ravenwing 1500 and assorted extra stuff.)
    Sisters of Battle (1500, about a squad done.)
    Chaos Space Marines (1500, couple of squads done, needs a lot of reworking.)
    Eldar (1500, not even fully assembled.)
    Baneblade (Conversion of plastic one, inspired by Tank Girl)

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle
    Dark Elves (Some stuff needing finished, couple more units to add)
    Hordes of Chaos/Daemonic Legion (2000, two dozen daemonettes done, a lot to go.)
    Wood Elves (Just some nice models, not an army, yet.)
    High Elves (Nice models and completes the elven trilogy)

    Lord of the Rings
    Rivendell (A selection of Elf Warriors and other nice models.)
    Moria (A few Cave Trolls and a Balrog.)

    Spyrers (Matriarch and Patriarch.)

    Dark Elves (Couple of units, almost complete actually...)

    Battlefleet Gothic
    Dark Eldar (4 cruisers and 12 escorts.)

    Undead (Dregs, Zombies and a Dire Wolf to paint.)

    Legends of the Old West
    Outlaws (About a dozen to paint.)

    Khador/Mercenary (Got them as pretty models, don't really play it.)

    Then there is random display stuff...
    Gotrek, Felix and friends.
    54mm Reaper models I got because they look cool.
    Daemon Prince based on my flatmate Konrad.
    ...Other stuff I can't remember just now, but if I do remember I'll add it and if it gets painted I'll post it here!

    Will I get it all painted before I die?
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