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Thread: Pre Heresy World Eaters and Truescale Howling Griffons!

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    Pre Heresy World Eaters and Truescale Howling Griffons!

    now working on making my Howling Griffons - start on page 93
    Mentor Legionnaire ready - page 96

    • Finished Shots on Page 10
    • HQ WIP page 13[/size]
    • Baneblade WIP starts on page 23
    • Squad 2 WIP start on page 34
    • techmarine on page 35
    • TERMINATOR wip starts on page 36
    • dread and scouts start on pg 44
    • Death Guard champion starts page 50
    • termie chaplain and blood angel painting on page 58
    • pre-heresy guard and World Eater squad #3 on page 62
    • started LAND RAIDER SPARTAN page 77
    • terminator squad finished pics page 90
    • howling griffon squad modelled - page 94

    and for those who wanted a tutorial: its HERE.

    its on page 25. enjoy

    Well, what started life just under two years ago as a terminator blog for my Angels of Censure DIY quickly got warped int a WIP of a pre-heresy crusade army. so I decided to start a new thread for the pre heresy army, and keep the Truescale Terminator one on topic for when i get back to them... eventually (edit: never, by the looks of them ).

    my original idea was for pre-traitor deathguard, as i always loved their colours and fighting style (tough, stoid, vehement) though ive had more than my fair share of Death Guard armies (both pre and post heresy) so, at the last minute, after the off-white was finished on the model and i was about to start applying catachan green to the armour i changed my mind and went for World Eaters (in fact teh pic below is before i changed his power sword to a chain sword):

    for a while he was left alone, without comrades or foes to kill, but i eventually got round to making a unit for him to accompany, as well as an HQ choice:

    over time i made the rest of the army and managed to compete in a tournament (coming last place overall and losing the best army award because one of the judges thought the bases werent finished...). the army is bulked up with some imperial army units (the intention was to expand theminto their own army, but that hasnt materialised... yet).

    there will be a malcador (the Battlecannon turret one), a world eater baneblade and possibly a guardsman predator.

    ill be using the Deamonhunter codex, representing the world eaters with GK terminators and everything else with what it actually is (in official games the malcador will counts as a leman russ)
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