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    Question Player archetypes by game designer

    I pulled this text from the designer's log of another game. I think it splits the gamers into 3 extremes here. I've modified it a little to suit the GW games, but check it out, it' interesting:

    Player1 is a long-time, hardcore Wargames player. Sometimes he drifts from game to game, based on what is new and cool at the time, or what his friends are playing. Player1 may or may not have read the background material (often not), but after playing the game he enjoyed the mechanics and armybuilding options. As long as this game remains unique and fun, he will probably stick with it, if nothing better comes along. He likes models that keep the game fresh and exciting, and continue to differentiate the GW playing experience from that of other games. Player1 is our greatest challenge to design for, because if we do not please him, he will move on to another game.

    Player2, a distant cousin of Player1, is a big fan of the background, with a stalwart sense of story. More often than not, Player2 is also a fan of wargames’s (and may have played others), but his primary motivation for picking up this game is because it is based on the series. He’s a big fan of novels and fluff, and may be an active member of the books’ growing online community. Game art is also a big part of his enjoyment; seeing the characters come to life is exciting to him. Player2 loves to roleplay while playing the game, and enjoys it most when it simulates events that happened (or would be amusing to have happened) in the books and fluff. His favorite models are those that effectively capture the spirit of the characters/locations/events they represent.

    Player3 is more likely than not a fan of the series, but he loves the game. The sheer brutality of it allows him to win, and win big. He enjoys it when the game simulates the books, but it is far more important for it to play well as a game. Player3 would be a bit disappointed when the tournament point minimum was changed from 1500 to 2000, but has since found other ways to destroy his opponents. It’s not that Player3 is cruel, he just really enjoys brutal games. Although it may not always seem the case, he has surprisingly strong sense of sportsmanship he wants to win fairly, when the opponent has a chance. People often confuse him with rules lawyer, which he finds disappointing sometimes, as he is also one of the strongest supporters and community builders. His few criticisms of the game are sharp, but that is only because he cares he knows how to play, and he wants to take on all comers.

    Finally, since the above quote was from a non-painting-based game, I'll add Player 4 who is someone who isn't in the hobby for any of the above reasons, but is here because they just like to paint and assemble models. They don't really play, the just like the artistic element. They often browse the GW and fan sites just to see the painting styles of other players.

    Based on these 4 extremes, which do you think you'd be grouped into? Obviously, in reality everyone is a mix of all of them, but if you had to choose one these player stereotypes who would it be?
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