I'm aware that neither of these games are supported by GW anymore which is a shame, but I figured that doesn't have to stop us the loyal gamers of society from discussing and sharing our knowledge about them. I personally LOVE Warhammer Quest, I've ran multiple games over the course of years getting groups from Lvl1 to 10 and then see them die in a bloody heap at the feet of 2 or 3 greater Demons.

As far as Space Hulk, I'm unfortuneatly to young to have ever played it before it was given ye old axe, and the same goes for GorkaMorka. So for anyone interested in these games I say, POST HERE! I have a plethora of Warhammer Quest stuff, additional rules, charecters, and the like from which I've yanked out of old White Dwarf mag's and would be more than happy to discuss/share any of these that I can.