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Thread: Warriors Come Out to play tournament thread

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    Warriors Come Out to play tournament thread

    This thread is open for all to post with relevance to the Warriors thread only.


    The warriors come out to play is the next tournament to take place after the “Are you looking at me tournament”.

    To enter this competition you must have a team badge.

    - the teams are split into two/three groups depending on number of entries and the style of play will be open.

    - Now for the good bit. So what are all these points in the main scoreboard good for? You worked hard getting them and other than glory they have no value. WRONG. The team with the highest number of points gets to pick which teams are going to play in his group. Then the second highest gets to pick which teams are in the second group. The third highest has whats left. You cannot pick the top three teams as one of your choices for your group, they are automatically assigned into group one, two and three.

    - Conditions of entry. Once you enter the tournament you must abide by all of the conditions imposed on your team.

    - The winner of each group will get 1 SPP for the main scoreboard.- no reinforcements.

    -You may not buy any replacement players for this tournament, no new players and no freebooters. But you can hire Star Players as the crowds love star players. So the team line up you start with is the team line up you finish with clear?! Blame Deng for this idea, he came up with it in the early summer.

    - Wizards are allowed

    - Teams who do not win in their group are subject to the following. For the next tournament they play in, they may have graffiti over the top of their badge, subject to size limitations and PG13, scrawled by the winner of their group. Teams must install this badge and use it till they have finished their next tournament.

    - Continuing the incentive to do match reports I will give 1 point in the main scoreboard for the best report of the tournament.
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